5 Best Grow Tent Kits for Growing Indoor Plants [Review]

Grow tents are chosen by many farming enthusiasts. Since the grow tents give the option to control the temperatures inside the tent, it gives the advantage of growing the crops in any type of climate. Also, the humidity levels can be controlled to a great extent in the grow tent. This gives the benefit of producing an artificially stimulated environment. ...  Continue

How to Grow Dense Buds Indoors [7 Step Guide]

Yes, producing thick, resin-covered cannabis buds is the dream of every cannabis cultivator. Time to stop fantasizing – below is all you need to know to grow your own denser buds.

Cannabis is a hardy plant (it’s a weed after all) which is able to survive extreme conditions. However, this in no way implies that high density yields are to ...  Continue

How to Build a Weed Grow Room [6 Easy Steps]

1)  Light Proofing

To begin with, we must ensure that the environment is completely isolated from natural light. For optimal flowering, the cannabis plant needs 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light, without interruption, because this could not only cause a decrease in yields, but also and above all the total destruction of the crop. This is why you should monitor ...  Continue

Benefits And Disadvantages Of Medical Cannabis

Cannabis and Health

In strict medical terms, marijuana is much safer than many foods we usually consume….Cannabis in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutic active substances known to man…

Health professionals both drugs and experts are concerned about the effects of marijuana consumption… Among the main health problems are:

  • Cancer, especially lung cancer related to smoking, as well as other health problems related to smoking.
  • Concern that marijuana, which affects neural functions, may cause brain damage and may be a contributing factor in the development of schizophrenia, or at least lead to some sort of reduced function in cognitive tests.
  • “Amotivational syndrome.” This is the supposed propensity of cannabis to dull ambition and motivation and lead to “slacker” behavior.
  • The “gateway theory,” the belief that marijuana users may be predisposed to use other illicit substances.
  • Marijuana use by pregnant women has also been a source of concern.
  • Finally, with increased usage of marijuana and its possible eventual legalization, there is also worry about a possible increase in automobile accidents due to stoned drivers behind the wheel.

 ...  Continue

How Long Before Buds Appear? [Cannabis Flowering Stage]

Managing the Cannabis Plant Budding Stage

Once the plant starts to flower, it can grow in size greatly. By the end of the 4th week, plants that had remained short and bushy being only 2 feet high begin to flower. The flowering stage causes the crop to surge up in height and stretch as more buds and flowers forms. Therefore, one of the challenges you will face as a marijuana grower is to ...  Continue