Grow tents are chosen by many farming enthusiasts. Since the grow tents give the option to control the temperatures inside the tent, it gives the advantage of growing the crops in any type of climate. Also, the humidity levels can be controlled to a great extent in the grow tent. This gives the benefit of producing an artificially stimulated environment. This environment can be changed according to the crop variety and according to the stages of growth, unlike the actual weather outside. With the help of grow tent the style of growing can also be altered to a certain extent.

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The Basics of Grow Tents

Let us start with the basics of understanding what a grow tent actually is. A grow tent is just a frame which is covered with a heavy sheet. The material of the sheet will vary depending on the brand and the company. In most cases, it will be a high-quality plastic sheet. This structure once erected, will be standalone. This gives the advantage of moving the tent to any place at any given point of time. The primary use of the grow tent is to retain the heat within the tent and to set up space where the plants can grow longer. Depending on the manufacturer, the design, as well as the shape of the, grow tent will vary.

Primarily the grow tents came into existence to alter the climate conditions for crops in the colder regions. Crops grow well in the warm weather. Since the warmer sunny climate will not be prevailing in the cold countries for a long period of time, there was the need for an artificial environment where the crops could grow well in spite of the outside climate conditions. This led to the invention of grow tents. While there was the option to go for greenhouses, it was not practically possible for all kinds of farmers to opt for one, due to the expensive nature of the greenhouse. For those who were looking to grow a few crops at a time, in a closed space, this became the best option.

Additionally, the grow tents gave the privacy option for the farmers too. So people who were looking to grow their favorite crops in a confined space found this option to be extremely helpful.

The setup

The grow tent offers various options in terms of temperature control as well as humidity control. There are various filters as well as fans kept inside a grow tent, which allows the farmer to alter the temperature inside the tent. This gives the benefit of growing any kind of crop in the same space. The climate inside the grow tent can be adjusted according to the outside weather conditions, to optimally maintain the perfect growing conditions for the crops.

Apart from this, setting the grow tent in the right manner will protect the plants from the pests and insects. Since the entire grow tent will be completely covered, there is no opening for any insects or pests to get in. Almost all grow tent will also lightproof, hence there is no way outside light could get in. This will not only keep the plants safe and covered at all times, but will also keep the pests away.

The structure of the grow tent is made in such a way as to retain the right within. Since the interiors of the grow tent will be made of highly reflective materials, the light will be contained within. Also, the material used to cover the grow tent will be tear-proof. This will prevent the crops from any type of leakage.

The Various Types of Grow Tent

The One with Altering Heights

There are certain grow tents in the market which comes with the option of height adaptability. Since the height of the crops will vary a lot over the growing period and depending on the variety of the crop, this option is a must-have for those who keep changing the crop variety. Basically, the height adjustments can be made from anywhere between seven to nine inches. Since the growth of each crop variety cannot be predicted accurately, having this option to change the heights will come in handy. Some normal grow tents might accommodate the crops. But once the height of the crops goes beyond the optimum level, it will overshadow the light.

This will lead to a deficiency in the growth of the plant. Also, the ability to adjust the height will give more room inside the tent for the farmer to move around comfortably. When the crop is in the beginning stage, the height of the tent can be minimized accordingly. As the crop grows the height can be adjusted so as to give the right lighting and temperature set-up for the crop. In case your grow tent needs to be kept in different places at different periods of time, then having the height adjustment option will help in accommodating the grow tent in all places.

The Sturdy Kind

There are certain grow tents in the market which are made primarily for durability purpose. These grow tents will be stronger than the other types of grow tent and will last longer than them. The reflective materials used inside the grow tent will be of high-quality, ensuring that the density of the tent is high. Going for the sturdy kind will ensure better lighting inside the tent. It will also help in enhanced light retention within the tent. For those who are looking for the optimized plant growth set-up, this is the grow tent to go for.

This kind of grow tent will save the crops during any type of flooding or over-watering in the cultivation region. While comparing with the other grow tents, this type will not get damaged or affected easily during the flood situations.

The Secure Kind

Comparing to the other grow tents in the market the ones which fall under this category will be at least doubly stronger. Most of these grow tents will be made up of metal. This will keep the structure of the grow tent in the given place. Any kind of outside changes will not affect this grow tent. The overall structure in these types of grow tent including the windows, zippers, fabric etc will be extremely strong. It will not only ensure extended durability for the grow tent, but will also make sure that the soil is completely secure inside the tent.

While the normal grow tents in the market is made up of aluminum or plastic, these grow tents will be made up of high-end steel.

The Benefits of Grow Tent

The most important benefit of a grow tent is that it provides a safe space for the plants to grow in. Keeping the heat within the tent allows the farmer to alter the climate conditions artificially. This also gives the option to create a stimulating environment where the optimal temperature, heat, and

humidity can be maintained. This will enhance crop growth to a large extent. This will be especially useful in places where cold climate prevails. It is important for the plants to have sufficient heat during the time of harvest. This can be artificially done with the help of grow tents. Also, grow tents help in giving a closed space to keep the plants covered and secured at all times. This protects the plants from any outside hazards. Since most of the grow tents come in black color, it additionally provides enhanced privacy. This gives the option to the farmer to cultivate any type of crop he wants.

The Best Ways to use Grow Tents

  • If you are opting to keep the grow tent for a short period of time or on a temporary basis, then go for the low millimeter plastics. But make sure, you go for a sturdier one as the thinner plastic will not withstand any kind of damages. In case you are opting for a permanent grow tent, then make sure you choose the corrugated plastic. There are different designs and varieties available in the market. Hence, you will get ample options to choose the suitable grow tent for the crop you are growing.
  • In order to maintain the ideal temperature, it is better to install a thermometer inside the grow tent. This will help in setting and maintaining the right temperature for the crop at all times.
  • Some prefer to keep the tent open at times, to get the natural light and weather in. This depends on the type of crop planted and it depends on the weather conditions outside. If the crop is cultivated in a cold climate, then it is better to maintain the artificial temperature set-up by closing the tent at all times.
  • Increase the size of the grow tent depending on the quantity of the crop cultivated. For a few crops, it is adequate to just keep the sheets as a cover. But when the crops grow, the steel structure with the grow tent will be essential.

Best Grow Tents

The crop’s growth will be affected mainly due to the grow tent. Choosing the ideal grow tent will help in the crop’s growth, whereas going with the wrong one will completely destroy the crop’s health. Go for the grow tent’s which is chosen by many and has good reviews. The structure should also be easy to construct and should also provide adequate control for the crop owner. The most popular grow tents in the market are put together below.

FoxHunter Silver Mylar Green Room Hydroponic Bud Room Dark Review

1. FoxHunter Silver Mylar Green Room Hydroponic Bud Room Dark: This grow tent will be the best option for those looking for long-term plans. It is large in size and can be extended to cover a whole garage. Since it falls in the price-friendly category, this one easily becomes a popular choice. This tent comes with various features where the interior options can be altered according to the requirements.

FoxHunter Silver Mylar Green Room Hydroponic Bud Room Dark Review

There are all kinds of grow tent ranging from the countertop models which will be apt for the seedlings to the big tents which will cover up the whole garage. The customer can choose the one which will suit their requirements. It all depends on the level of growing. For all the basic growing needs, one can go with the budget-friendly versions. For those looking to make it a little more professional, there are the premium versions available in the market. You have the option to choose the one according to the crop you are cultivating and according to the size of it. While there are plenty of options available in the market, it is important to go with the right grow tent for cultivation.

The FoxHunter Silver Mylar Green Room Hydroponic Bud Room Dark is one of the best options for people looking for growing crops in an indoor closed space. This grow tent is very light compared to the other ones in the market. It might be because of the size of the grow tent too. It ranges from 120*120*200 cm. This grow tent is waterproof. So the customer will not have to worry about keeping the tent outdoors. Even if the crops are grown in an open space under the tent, any kind of over flooding can be prevented here. Another benefit attached to this grow tent is that it is airtight. Since the material is made so, the tent will be totally covered. There will not be any outside interference to the crops.

The material used in the tent is Silver Mylar which can be seen as a lining in the interior. This will support the maximum lighting inside the tent. The materials used in the tent are spotted to be of high-quality. There is this 600D polyester aluminum coating given inside. The tent also comes with the Velcro fasteners all throughout. The zips used are also of good quality, for example, the SBS zips used in this case. The cloth material used in this tent is very thick and hence can withstand heavy damages. Additionally, there is also a silver mylar lining given inside the tent.

Since the tent does not contain any kind of PVC material inside it seems to be perfectly safe for your plants. There are also outlets and inlets given in the tent for the assembly of fans. In case of any kind of over flooding, then you do not have to panic, as there is a water-proof floor given in the tent. This floor can be detached easily in case of any spillage. Since the materials are light and easy to handle, one can assemble this tent in no time. The tent makes sure that the outside light does not penetrate inside and keeps the crops safe at all times.

The vents, which are given for the pipes can be adjusted easily. Since the zips used in the tent are of military grade, one need not worry about its quality.

Black Orchid Hydroponic Grow Tent Review

2. Black Orchid Hydroponic Grow Tent: One of the best reviewed grow tent in the market, this becomes an easy choice. While the tent is easy to put up, it does not compromise on strength and durability. Right from the cloth material to the zippers used in the tent, all the equipment are sturdy and string. This has helped in increasing the lifespan of the product.

Black Orchid Hydroponic Grow Tent Review

If you are looking for a space inside your home to grow crops then grow tents is the best fit for you. With the help of grow tents, one can directly start cultivating the crops. There is no time lag here. The grow tents will come with different materials for the interior, which will help in reflection for keeping the light intact. There will also be options for adding electrical equipment in the tent. However, these options will vary with each brand. So it is important to choose the right grow tent for cultivating your crop.

One such grow tent which has got good reviews in the market is the Black Orchid Hydroponic Grow Tent. This grow tent comes in the dimensions of 100*100*200 cm. Since it comes with the black color material there is enough privacy provided for the cultivation of crops. This makes it easier to cultivate the crops on an open space too. Since the interior is black, it aids in the retention of light inside the tent. Compared to the other grow tents in the market this one is the best choice in terms of light protection. There is in fact 0.8% light radiation.

Since the tent comes with the metal poles attached to the exterior it will prevent the tent from falling down or from sagging. This will keep the crops protected at all times. For the purpose of keeping the exterior attractive, there is the red reflective heavy duty paint coated on these metal poles. The tent also comes with the hanging bar which is extremely strong. This will help in supporting any objects hanged inside the tent. Each tent will have a minimum of 4 hanging bars.

As said, this tent is one of the best when it comes to light distribution. There is the highly reflective diamond PVC free Mylar given for every tent. By ensuring the proper distribution of light, the crops will have a rich growth. This tent is so easy to handle. There is no need for any professional to get it installed. With the presence of easy, push fit metal corners, the setting up of the tent becomes a child’s play. To save the crops from any kind of exterior attack and to give privacy, there are zippers given along the tent. These zippers are of the heavy-duty kind and hence will have a long-lasting lifespan.

Overall, all these features make the tent extremely durable. They also come with all the necessary certifications which are required in the market. The Black Orchid Hydroponic Grow tent is also CE approved and RoHs compliant. One additional benefit offered by the Black Orchid Hydroponic Grow tent is that it comes with a two-year warranty. This makes sure that the customer is protected from all the mishaps during this time-frame. There is also a spill tray given to the tent. This tray is detachable. Hence, when the tent becomes flooded or when it needs to be cleaned the removable tray will come in handy.

Hydroponic Grow Tent Review

3. Hydroponic Grow Tent: This tent will be picked by any fellow who loves the environment. The materials used here are free from toxins. This extends the crop life and makes sure that the crops are not affected due to it. The temperature set up is perfect here as the tent is secure. It does not give way for any light to enter the tent. The tent is covered with double stitches throughout. This packs the light within. There is the Mylar Lining given to the interior of the tent which makes sure that the light is trapped inside.

Hydroponic Grow Tent Review

Grow tents makes the cultivation of your favorite crops easier. While it gives a closed space to grow the crops, it also makes it easier to carry it around. For this reason, many people choose to opt for grow tents to grow crops inside their house. Since there are plenty of versions in the market when it comes to grow tent, one should choose the brand and the model which will be suitable for their needs. One of the most preferred grow tent in the market is the Hydroponic Grow Tent. This one also comes with the additional features and accessories along with it.

There is the Indoor Bud Green Room, which is suitable for plant gardening and growth. It also has the canopy hydro box equipped in it. The dimensions of the grow tent will go up to 80*80*160 cms. The cloth material is of high quality as the tent is made of 600D oxford fabric cloth. This will withstand damage and will not tear easily. It also has dual stitches, which will ensure the prevention of light. Since the grow tent will require its own artificial lighting, the blockage of natural light is highly essential here. The inner part of the tent has a highly reflective mylar film. This will help in withstanding and supporting the high beam lighting too.

The best part about this tent is that the material used is PE and the surface will support the plant growth. It is purely environment-friendly and it has no toxins in it. This ensures that the plants are not affected by any kind of toxins. Apart from this, there is no smell released by the tent. The tent is made of a strong durable metal framework. This makes the grow tent sturdy and strong. To make sure that the tent stands erect there are the push-lock corners given to the tent which is made up of metal. This comes along with the steel pipe. Compared to the steel ones this metal corner is pretty stable and secure. It will not fall prey to any damages easily.

To ensure that the light set up inside the tent does not escape the grow tent there is the strong light-proof cover given. Since the tent comes with explosion-proof zippers along with the double stitching there is no leakage of light. While the zippers are manufactured in such a manner so as to keep the light enclosed the initial few trials with the zipper might be a little hard. But as the usage progress, the zipper will be adjusted to the normal use. To ensure that the cleaning is easier the tent is equipped with a Mylar floor tray which is removable. To make sure the right temperature set up is maintained in the tent, the reflective Mylar Lining is given inside.

Since the crops grown inside the tent will not get affected by the outside climate changes or get affected by direct sunlight, this seems to be a popular choice among people who prefer to cultivate crops indoors.

Senua Hydroponics Loft Grow Tent Review

4. Senua Hydroponics Loft Grow Tent: One of the sturdiest grow tents in the market is the Senua Hydroponics tent. This appears to be a loft cube in structure and hence the name. The tubes used for the structure of the tent are made out of high-quality steel. While the normal brands in the market use the basic 210 versions of silver, this grow tent goes way above in choosing the 600D version. This adds to the strength of the structure. There are also several ports given within the tent so as to give way for the air ports and air supply.

Senua Hydroponics Loft Grow Tent Review

Grow tents are preferred by people who choose to grow their crops in an indoor and closed space. This will give them more privacy and a secured space to cultivate their crops. The grow tents will also give the owners the advantage of keeping an artificial growing environment. This environment can be altered and changed according to the requirement of the crops. In order to assist the owners with more options, there are several versions of grow tents offered in the market. These grow tents will range from the stripping down versions to the simple plug-and-play types. It all depends on the needs of the user. So go with the grow tent which will be suitable for your needs.

While there are plenty of versions available in the market, one grow tent which has got good reviews is the Senua Hydroponics Loft Grow tent. This is actually considered as a loft cube. One reason for this might be the dimensions of the cube which will range from 240*120*160 cm. Since the materials used to construct the tent are of high-quality one need not worry about the durability of this tent. Being a reputed brand, this one uses only high quality 600D silver mylor for their tent. Most of the other brands in the market go with the 210 silver versions which are actually a cheaper version of it.

This one aspect proves that the quality of the tent will not be compromised at any cost. This tent is also very sturdy in nature. Since it comes with an ultra string white steel tube it will support the entire tent at all times. This tube is pretty new in the market and has the dimension of 19mm. It will generously support all the light kits. By going with this tent, one can develop a self-contained environment for growing the crops. This is the perfect choice for all those looking to construct a farm in the indoor space. Since it is pretty easy to handle, basically anyone can construct it.

There is no need for any outside help or for any kind of professional assistance for this. The Senua Hydroponics Loft Grow tent is suitable for all kinds of cultivators ranging from the beginners to the well-known professionals. The materials are all ready-made. In fact, the entire set up will only take up anywhere between fifteen to twenty minutes. The construction or the setting up of the tent can be done without any major effort. In fact, there won’t any tools required to set up the tent.

In order to support the portability factor, the tent comes with a carry case. This carry case can be taken anywhere with the cultivator during travel. In order to support the proper air supply, there are various ports made available in the tent. These ports can be used for air extraction as well as for the purpose of the air intake. There is also the option for cable entry. To help with the cleaning purpose, there is the removable spill tray given with the tent.

Finether Hydroponic Grow Tent Review

5. Finether Hydroponic Grow Tent: For those looking for grow tents which can carry heavy loads, this is the one to go for. It is quite spacious for cultivating the crops. Since the entire structure is easy to set up, there is practically no need for any tools. There is also the usual floor tray given which helps in securing the crops in the event of flooding.

Finether Hydroponic Grow Tent Review

Grow tents are the best option to grow crops in a portable space. Many crops can be grown in these tents depending on the owner’s choice. Just like a normal tent, there are wide varieties in the category of grow tents too like size, material etc. One thing that can be seen commonly in various grow tents is that there will be a zipper in place to cover the crops. While the common aspects like a zipper and color might be similar in most grow tents, there are a number of options when it comes to the quality and type of tent. This is why it is important to choose the right grow tent for your crop.

One such grow tent which is commonly chosen by many people is the Hydroponic Grow Tent by Finether. This grow tent comes with multiple vents where there are two on the top and there are three on the bottom. The top vents will be around 10 cms and the bottom ones will be around 15 cms which gives ample space for inserting the tubes and electrical pipes. The inclusion of the two removable bars in the top might be just the start. Since it also comes with the straps included in them, there is the option for carrying enough weight for up to 12kgs.

The grow tent has the dimensions of 60*60*140cm. This gives enough space to grow a good amount of crops. At the same time, it is also compact enough to move around. Since it comes with a flood-proof tray, the cleaning business becomes easy. These trays are removable. Hence, any kind of over-flooding can be handled quickly. In order to stimulate good airflow into the vent, there are three high-density vents. While it gives ample air for the growth of crops, it also comes with Velcro attached. This means that the crops will be saved from the insects.

The best part about this grow tent is that there is no requirement for any kind of tools to assemble it. So it will basically be a one-man’s job. To make sure the tent is strong enough, the material of the tent which is polyester is made tear-proof. Since it comes with dual stitches all around, the crops will get enough light and heat as it will be kept intact in the tent. This will prevent any kind of pests, growing on the crop. Even the zippers come with the dual stitches, making the tent strong.

Since the tent comes in a black color, there will be enough privacy for the owner to grow the crops. This will also be waterproof which will further increase the intensity of the light inside the tent. Since the temperature and the lighting can be maintained accurately and artificially by the owner, the outside weather will not be a concern here. With this grow tent, you will be able to grow all types of crops in any weather condition. Overall, this grow tent acts as a good enclosed system for crop growth.

While choosing the grow tent, consider the type of crop and the growing conditions of the crop and choose the tent which will complement the growth.