Benefits And Disadvantages Of Medical Cannabis

Cannabis and Health In strict medical terms, marijuana is much safer than many foods we usually consume….Cannabis in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutic active substances known to man… Health professionals both drugs and experts are concerned about the effects of marijuana consumption… Among the main health problems are:   Cancer, especially […]

Why Was Hemp Made Illegal In 1937 [Cannabis History]

Marijuana has implanted itself within human culture for thousands of years. A psychoactive plant of the genus Cannabis, marijuana has long been prized for the intoxicating effects of its flowers. Cannabis has accompanied humanity on some of its greatest adventures (in the form of hempen ropes and sails on ocean-going vessels) as well as on […]

How To Install Inline Duct Fan In Grow Tent [Cannabis Cultivation]

Cannabis grow ventilation system ideas One way to ensure circulation of fresh air that is supplied by the extraction system is through use of fans. The fans help distribute CO2, humidity and temperature throughout the tent or growing area. Without such ventilation, it is highly probable to get smaller yields and you still risk destroying […]